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Mothers Day @ Hope Community Church!

Hello community of Hope Church! This piece of the blog is just for all of you! I wanted to say thank you for the fun and exciting time on Mothers Day! I hope you all had a blast and celebrated your Mother, because I did! Now aside from the great Sunday everyone had, I’m going … Continue reading

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Herbivore For Breakfast and Drinks!

Hello Viewer! Ok, so first off let me just catch you all up on current events of my life, because this is a blog right? So I can write about my life here too! Alright so I just got back a couple days ago from my week break from school between semesters. It was great! … Continue reading

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Pat + 40th Birthday!

Good Day Viewer! No, I am not british, I just like to say “good day”. I promise i’m not a British imposing American. Today I’m going to be talking about my Brother in law, my sisters husband, the man of all men, ok maybe thats to much for an introduction, but recently my brother in … Continue reading

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My Food Travel + Cafe Gratitude + SouleyVegan

Hello and welcome back viewer! Ok so before I get to the food part of this post, I’d like to┬árecommend a band to you all. Currently I am listening to Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys. I would suggest checking out and giving the band a listen before you continue on to the … Continue reading

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My Food Travel’s + Scream Sorbet + Share

Hello fellow viewer! I want to welcome you back to these continuing post of My Food Travel’s! Now this post might start off a little different. I want to address the Share button on Facebook. Now I bring up the Share button because what i’m doing here on my blog is sharing other people, restaurants, … Continue reading

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My Food Travel’s + Herbivore

Hello fellow viewer! I’m excited you’re here to read/see these upcoming post, because I have to tell you, the past week and a half of mine has been so much fun! For the people who don’t know where I was, I went back up to the San Francisco’s East Bay Area to photograph vegan restaurants … Continue reading

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Stella Mare’s – My Lunch

Hello viewer! Welcome back again to this blog edition of food! Recently I had the chance to go to a beautiful┬árestaurant out here in the amazing and always sunny Santa Barbara, California! The food was a bit pricey, in the $20 range per plate, but I haven’t eaten such quality food in a long time. … Continue reading

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Portraits I Take

Welcome back again viewer! Is this new? Having me post so frequently, I kind of like it. This is going to be fun, spending a lot of time with you, viewer! Alright well in the last post I talked about how I got into photography, but today I want to really show you what my … Continue reading

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Whats New!?

Hello! and welcome back my fellow viewer! LookI have to say I appreciate the fact that you come here to see what I’ve posted today, really it means a lot. I know I haven’t been the best at posting once a week or so… which, hey, that actually sounds like a good idea. Once a … Continue reading

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A Big Welcome Back Post

Hello fellow viewer! Wow how it has been a long time. I’m very sorry for being gone for so long. School really got the best of me and I didn’t find enough time to get myself to write post here. It’s been six months and wow the classes I have taken really were intense, and … Continue reading

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