Being Creative!

Hello again viewer, thanks for coming back! Today I wanted to address my more creative side since today marks the dreaded deadline where I turn in my “Best four images” that I took for our creative assignments in class this session (which is 7 weeks long). The focus in this class was to create photos that could sell as stock photos. We would be given two words every week and have 6 days to come up with ideas, prepare and shoot. Editing was allowed to be done to these photos, so I took full advantage of that. The following photos had to meet the words given (in order): Health, Hot, Elegance, Endless, and Family. I did my best to meet these words, but in my opinion I took my ideas beyond these words. I hope you enjoy what you see and it sparks something in you to be creative. Thanks for stopping by!

3 Responses to “Being Creative!”
  1. None says:

    Wgo is playing the guitar? We have a bet on this one. Good job Bryan. Reach for the sky.

  2. DeeD says:


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