Places You’ve Been To, But Haven’t Seen

Good morning! or afternoon, or possibly evening, or if you are a night owl… good night; sleep is good. Either way welcome back viewer. Once again these blogs keep getting posted later and later and I am sorry about that, thanks internet. Don’t worry I haven’t lost hope for blogging, in fact I find it very exciting and good for the soul. Hmm maybe I should write one of those books… that’s besides the point. You are here wondering what in the world is next for my blog and in my life, hopefully. Well today I wanted to bring to you my love for nature, for traveling, and for capturing a place you may have been to and seen, but in a way you didn’t see it before. When I first picked up a camera (Nikon d40) I knew from my first pictures that I was very interested in the beauty that earth has surrounded us with. I started taking pictures out in the canyons of my community I lived in, and those came out decent but honestly I knew I needed to go somewhere huge, somewhere historic. So throughout the next couple years I went to many different places like Yosemite, Olympic National Forest Washington, some famous attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area like the Berkeley Marina. Among these photos I am about to show you, I didn’t want to just take a landscape shot, I wanted to add meaning to it, or to me it was a emotion. I wanted you to feel a certain emotion when you saw this place. Happy, sad, mad, calm, at peace, wanting, ect. All of these play a huge role in my photography. Below our a collection of some current and one older photo. Please, enjoy and when you have a free day off, go find a new place to explore!

One Response to “Places You’ve Been To, But Haven’t Seen”
  1. happypoppeye says:

    Love the “ducky” shot…

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