Photoshop is my Friend

Hello sir! or lady? or child? or extra terrestrial? Well either way hello! and welcome back! Let me open up with a question. Do you feel you pictures are a bit to plain? Have you ever wanted to create amazing, astounding looking photos with Photoshop? Well if you have answered yes to any of those two questions then it’s time to be astounded by what I have to show you today! Actually this isn’t just about my photos today, I want to address the topic of starting some Photoshop/Lightroom tutorials/fun videos on creating interesting visuals with your photos! I was hoping to start this up very soon, but I want to know what people think about this? Please leave a comment below or if you are on Facebook and are my friend leave me a comment or a message. Twitter works too (@bblack). This will be fun! Also if you are interested and know quite a lot of Photoshop or Lightroom editing, and would like to be a part of these videos please feel free to send a video or just a message to me and I’ll make sure to post it for all you viewers out there! Getting on to what I would hope you are here for our these photos I have been taking and creating for you. So ever since I have started this session in school we haven’t had a lab class so I’ve been messing around a lot in Photoshop and a bit in Lightroom to showcase to you these photos. Photoshop can be complicated but once you get the feel of what everything does and you start combining tricks here and there it because as familiar as the back of your hand. The photos you are about to see you may have already seen in previous post, but they are different. So please enjoy, and get out there and create something abstract, or something that will stop someone in their tracks and make them think about it!

One Response to “Photoshop is my Friend”
  1. Dee says:

    NICE WORK!!!!

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