A Big Welcome Back Post

Hello fellow viewer! Wow how it has been a long time. I’m very sorry for being gone for so long. School really got the best of me and I didn’t find enough time to get myself to write post here. It’s been six months and wow the classes I have taken really were intense, and knowledgable. I warn you now, this is going to be  very image stimulating post. I want to share with everyone here what the past three main photo classes have done for me. First off, when I left you all I was just leaving my visual design class, and heading into a class called Lighting Theory. In this class we learned everything there was to how to lighting works from our portable flashes. For me I was shooting with Canon so I was using my trusty 580 EX2.

Above is an image I took of this flash we were using. Lighting Theory was a class full of a lot of math problem solving, and technical assignments. Since this was the theory behind lighting I had a lot of time to read up on photo books, and I even picked up a very good book. It’s called “The Speedliters Handbook.” If you are interested in this I would recommend picking it up. It truly opened my eyes to the theory. Along with this class I had a lab class that taught us a lot of really random yet useful techniques in photoshop, but the one I had the most fun with was creating a composite. This came in handy later on but during Lighting Theory I had fun with it. Below are images from this class, along with the composite’s I had done.

Lighting Theory really taught me a lot. The next class I was excited the most about. This class introduced us to studio strobes. Lighting People was the name of the class, and I knew I was going to love this class because I wanted to know more about how to light people correctly and creatively. I came to find out this class was a lot harder than I thought. I felt the stress building for the first time when it came to my grade at this school. Even though I felt stress and didn’t have the best grade I came out with a more clear mind on how the business works and some great photos! Below are some of the photos from this class that I took, Enjoy!

Finally after the Lighting People class I took the Lighting Studio class. Oh my god, this class is all about shooting products, something I have never shot and was not looking forward to shooting. We didn’t have a lot of assignments so not a lot of work load, but since these products had to look perfect. This was the most recent class I took and I still feel the dreaded long days I had, but it was well worth it. I learned a lot of tricks that I probably would not have learned by myself. This class was interesting and I learned to like it after awhile. I came out with a few shots that were good, so here they are below.

So that is what i’ve been up to in the past 6 months. Currently I’m out trying to find new ways to light people, aka catch lights, backgrounds, and qualities of light. I will update soon, thank you very much for stopping by and going through everything! You are the best viewer, no really you are!

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  1. Nice shots, I really like the Low-Key shots.


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