Whats New!?

Hello! and welcome back my fellow viewer! LookI have to say I appreciate the fact that you come here to see what I’ve posted today, really it means a lot. I know I haven’t been the best at posting once a week or so… which, hey, that actually sounds like a good idea. Once a week! Thats my new goal. Yeah, but sorry I really wish my blog was number one on my mind but it is not. Time to change that though! Blog! Viewers! I’m back! and I’m never leaving! You know speaking of never leaving it made me think about photography and how much I love it, and also why I dove head first into this amazing art. I never told any of you huh? Well Photography for me was a way of expressing the images, the landscapes that I always pictured in my head as a child and through the rest of my life. As a child I was more of a watcher then a do-er and I saw a lot! These images gathered in my head and one day I just had the urge to express them, but sadly I am one of those people who can barely draw a good stick person. So after getting a little extra money from my first job as a 16 yr old, I knew exactly what I wanted to buy, A good camera, and I knew I wanted “one of the big camera’s” as I called it back in my sophomore  in high school. At the time I didn’t know what I was doing but I knew I was going to love it, so one of my great friends, Kyle, traveled with me out on our bikes on the BART trains all the way to Circuit City, which evidentially is closed down now.  We showed up, I went straight to the cameras and instantly had no clue what I wanted, or how to function one, but I knew it was going to be worth it. After looking around a lot and asking a employee to help me I bought myself my very first camera, the Nikon D40. Ahh, i’m not going to lie I love that camera to this day, even though I don’t own it anymore. The first day having this camera Kyle and I traveled down the canyons of our community and went for a hike. Of course I took photos, this is what I was waiting for! And as bad as the pictures may had been, I had fun, it relieved soem of the anxiety of those images in my head. From that day forward I knew I wanted to shoot Landscapes/Nature. It was my destiny! Now to this date I LOVE taking photos of nature and the beauty of the world we live on, Earth. So today I want to share with you a few photos I took over my winter break from school, along with a few new photos of an architecture building I photographed for my Travel class. Please enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed!
Thanks again Viewer!

One Response to “Whats New!?”
  1. Cassie says:

    The horse looks bashful the way the feet are posed. I love that. I also love the wet butterfly wing. And I have such trouble keeping succulents alive. I can grow an orchid like crazy, but succulents are my downfall.

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