Portraits I Take

Welcome back again viewer! Is this new? Having me post so frequently, I kind of like it. This is going to be fun, spending a lot of time with you, viewer! Alright well in the last post I talked about how I got into photography, but today I want to really show you what my eye has been attracted to lately, portraits, specifically male portraits. See when I came to Brooks Institute for Photography I was damn sure I wanted to continue shooting landscapes and wildlife but as I progressed through classes it seemed that Landscapes were a lost cause when it came to making a living off of it. I’m not going to lie I got a little sad and got very lazy and not creative. Now I overcame that by finding love in another type of photography. I took this class called Lighting People. I do talk about this class a bit in a past post, but pretty much it’s all about studio lighting and how to light and photograph typical portraits. This class got me very excited. I have always been drawn to the studio, and the idea of these big strobe lights and the power they had got me thinking. So for the past couple months I have come up with ideas and shot them, of course my eye has been more attracted to the male fashion scene, I shot my good friend and fellow photographer, Bryan Ruiz. I asked Bryan to join in on this blog post and write a little something he felt about the experience. So here is Bryan:
“Modeling for Bryan was a lot of fun! He’s a great guy to work with and he really knows what he’s doing. I like how he interacted with me during the shoots rather than just stand behind his camera the whole time. He’s also takes good care of his models; he’s gone as far as to buying me a drink at one of our shoots together. I would definitely recommend this guy to my friends!”
Thanks Bryan! So without any further wait, here are the photos!

2 Responses to “Portraits I Take”
  1. Alvin says:

    The one with Bryan holding the cigarette is so badass. He looks like an assassin XD
    Nice shots man!

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