Stella Mare’s – My Lunch

Hello viewer! Welcome back again to this blog edition of food! Recently I had the chance to go to a beautiful restaurant out here in the amazing and always sunny Santa Barbara, California! The food was a bit pricey, in the $20 range per plate, but I haven’t eaten such quality food in a long time. Thanks to always being on the run to classes, shoots, and back home for editing, i’ve been eating out at quick grab and go places and the food that lies in my kitchen. So this past week I got the chance to eat and photograph this beauty of a restaurant along with the delicious tasting and looking food that the chefs made. Now you probably have thought at one point, “Bryan, why do you have such a broad variety of photographs?” Well simply the answer is because I love photography and when I have the option to create art, and produce beautiful images of everyday objects, people, and food I want to photograph it and share it with you all! Now saying that, I do more professionally take portraits for a living, but that doesn’t mean I can’t explore the other realms of photography so I can be knowledgable and good at it. So getting on with my rant, I like to be experienced, prepared, and all around good at what I love. I hope you can respect that, and also respect high quality food, because what I am about to show you was some of the best tasting fish, meat, and dessert I have tasted in the past 20 years of my life!
I recommend this restaurant in a heart beat to anyone who comes down to Southern California! Well worth the money and time to come here!

From Top to Bottom, when they appear, I will list the food:

1) Basket of Bread
2) Iced Tea
3) Artichoke Appetizer
4) Filet Mignon with crab topping
5) “Ding Dong”

One Response to “Stella Mare’s – My Lunch”
  1. Priscilla says:

    This looks amazing! Great job Bryan!

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