My Food Travel’s + Herbivore

Hello fellow viewer! I’m excited you’re here to read/see these upcoming post, because I have to tell you, the past week and a half of mine has been so much fun! For the people who don’t know where I was, I went back up to the San Francisco’s East Bay Area to photograph vegan restaurants and their food. I had a blast and met a lot of awesome people, and also ate some amazing, flavorful, and mouthwatering food. For my first post I’m going to start with the last restaurant I shot, Herbivore. Herbivore has three locations, two in San Francisco, and one in Berkeley off of Shattuck. If you ever are in the Berkeley Area I would 200% recommend you find your way here for lunch, or even dinner. They have a very diverse amount of food on their menu, so if you aren’t to sure about vegan food, this restaurant will have something for you! Along with having such diverse food, their atmosphere is very colorful, yet its relaxing, and fun! You feel welcomed the second you walk in. Once again I will say I recommend going here if you are in the area, it’s food is flavorful, and priced very well for lower – middle class citizens. Now without anymore delay, here are some of their plates they have to offer!


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