My Food Travel’s + Scream Sorbet + Share

Hello fellow viewer! I want to welcome you back to these continuing post of My Food Travel’s! Now this post might start off a little different. I want to address the Share button on Facebook. Now I bring up the Share button because what i’m doing here on my blog is sharing other people, restaurants, and companies that i’ve met, photographed, and shared time with. I believe in sharing things and people that you have found intriguing, fun, important, or even just something that struck you as amazing! I always see people “liking” this or that, but what happened to sharing? I find sharing to be a more effective way of showing your support. Now going on to the main topic of this post, Scream Sorbet. I hope you are ready for something cold, healthy, and very delicious! During my travels I stopped by this little Sorbet shop down in Oakland/Berkeley. I had been emailing back and forth with them before hand so they knew I was coming. When I showed up I was greeted with a huge smile and a Hello! Right off the bat they we letting me try some tasters of their current flavors! All which were amazing! After tasting I was allowed to either get a bowl of one of their flavors or get a to-go container of their sorbet. I want to just say their sorbet was purely amazing and I didn’t want to pass by the chance to have any of their flavors! Sadly I only went home with one flavor. I won’t talk to much about them now, because im going back to work with them more. So without further wait, here are some of the products and services Scream Sorbet has to offer!

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