My Food Travel + Cafe Gratitude + SouleyVegan

Hello and welcome back viewer! Ok so before I get to the food part of this post, I’d like to recommend a band to you all. Currently I am listening to Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys. I would suggest checking out and giving the band a listen before you continue on to the food down below. Alright now that you are hopefully listening to The Black Keys, let me get started with the food. So I have a special of two restaurants today! First up is a quiet, relaxing, and uplifting restaurant called Cafe Gratitude. This restaurant is very relaxing from the second you enter the inside of the building. Based in Berkeley, California, they are home to serving you raw vegan food. The food there is so healthy your doctor might shove a Twinkie your way on your next visit. No, but really, the entire menu is has titles like “I am energized” or “I am beautiful” all named to satisfy you as a human being and what you are eating. I have to say, the service I was given was superb and I felt very good about what I was eating. The food was flavorful, and I enjoyed every bite I took of the food. The first set of images below are from Cafe Gratitude. I like to say Thank You to everyone who helped me out those two days I dropped by.
On to the next restaurant, SouleyVegan. Based in Oakland, SouleyVegan is a Vegan Soul food restaurant on Broadway. Other than the fact that I got a parking ticket, I have to say I enjoyed this delicious, most flavorful, and colorful food. I couldn’t image Soul food being made into a vegan dish, but boy I was proven wrong. I ordered a vegan burger with BBQ tofu, and some crispy tofu piece on top. Once again I was surprised and proven wrong about vegan soul food. The food looked great when it came out and by far was it one of the best tasting burgers I had ever tasted, meat or non-meat. I would also like to thank everyone at SouleyVegan for their services and their great quality food they make and serve! So the final two images below are from SouleyVegan. Enjoy and if you have any questions about the food please just ask me, I will answer to my best ability! Enjoy, and go out and try something new tasting!
By the way, this is my last Food Travel post from that week of traveling I did. This doesn’t mean I won’t be posting more about restaurants that I go to from now on, but this concludes this section of my Food Travels. I hope you found something to enjoy about these post! Thanks for following me and look for my next post that will be involving more of my current work including video! Thanks again viewer! And don’t be afraid to comment and even share this post if you truly liked it!

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