Pat + 40th Birthday!

Good Day Viewer! No, I am not british, I just like to say “good day”. I promise i’m not a British imposing American. Today I’m going to be talking about my Brother in law, my sisters husband, the man of all men, ok maybe thats to much for an introduction, but recently my brother in law had his 40th birthday party. To our knowledge it was suppose to be a surprise party, and he knew nothing about it. Come to find out, he knew it was happening. Thanks a lot Facebook, for somehow letting him find out it was happening. Besides all that this guy is amazing, honestly, every time I’m out and this guy is around, it’s always a party! He’s fun, spontaneous, yet he’s careful, but sorry ladies as I said he’s taken by my lovely sister. I wanted to write this post not just because I was there to photograph the event but also because Pat’s family, and he’s a great guy. This post is for you buddy! Enjoy, and viewer, go celebrate someone in your family today!

One Response to “Pat + 40th Birthday!”
  1. deedraleigh says:

    You’re truly AMAZING! It was WELL worth the 3 days it took us to get it right! It was nice to get to visit with you more thou! I LOVE YOU and these pics are BEAUTIFUL! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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