Herbivore For Breakfast and Drinks!

Hello Viewer! Ok, so first off let me just catch you all up on current events of my life, because this is a blog right? So I can write about my life here too! Alright so I just got back a couple days ago from my week break from school between semesters. It was great! I took my girlfriend up to the San Francisco bay area with to show her around. It was definitely worth taking her up to let her see new things, plus I had an assistant when I needed one, like at the shoot I had at Herbivore (which you will be seeing photos of here and now!) Along with that I met a a couple new interesting people, who seem to be the voice of the bay area streets. Yes they do talk to everyone, and speak their mind, nothing gets left behind. I do have some fun photos of them, that I will make another post about very soon! I just have to get to retouching those tomorrow! Where I am now is back at school taking 5 classes I am excited for! I’m taking a portrait class that I will finally learn everything I will need for the future! Since I am taking so many high workload classes i’ll be busy shooting, editing, and retouching a lot, but that means I’ll have plenty to share! Anyway thats where I am right now! Loving school, and I have lots of ideas and new techniques to try! This thursday im trying out this panoramic portrait. It’s going to be awesome, and well worth my time and effort for! Anyway! Time for todays photos! Over my break I went back to Herbivore because the owner Adham, who is an amazing man, and really knows how to run an amazing, flavorful restaurant! I came back to photograph the breakfast menu, and some drinks! So today I want to show you some of their breakfast and drinks they have to offer here at the Vegan only restaurant Herbivore!


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