About Me

April 2012: Hello everyone! I’m Bryan Black, as you may know from the website URL. I am updating my about me section in hopes to pass on my personality to you all and also to see how I grow from past blogs I have done. Here you may see I have left my about me from last year. I am doing this so you all can see how I have developed as a writer and a human being over the years. Currently I am still attending Brooks Institute in the always sunny Santa Barbara. I’m finally noticing my style and taking full advantage of that while trying to shoot more lifestyle photography. To share what I portray in my photography I’ll leave you with a smiley face. 🙂 My photography is meant to find a deep and happy emotion in the viewer. I hope that my photography can bring out emotions like happiness, content, joy, and maybe a little bit of energy! Please enjoy this blog, and my photography, and don’t be afraid to contact me!

April 2011: I am an aspiring photographer who loves to have fun, be creative, and make the world a better place, all with photography! I currently am studying at the world renowned Brooks Institute College for Photography. I love meeting people and capturing their personalities and also a side of them they may not have seen before. Other than photographing people, I love what this world has to offer with its beauty of trees, bugs, and wild animals. So I take pictures of landscapes and places where people may have gone but not have seen.Enjoy what you see and don’t be afraid to email me, call me, text me, or grab a drink with, I welcome you too!

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